What are the best road bike wheels for heavy riders?

I ride a 15 year old Giant Allegra with Shimano RX100 derailleur. I've heard good things about the Campy Neutrons and Mavic Kyseriums. I'm 225lbs and need the wheels to stand up to training and triathlons.

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7 Responses to What are the best road bike wheels for heavy riders?

  1. Christopher says:

    I was looking at those same wheels a couple of years ago. When I first purchased my bike, I thought I’d have to get better wheels since I was on the heavy side (290) at the time. My finances convinced me to wait until I had a problem with my stock Trek 1000 wheels before making the purchase. 5000 miles later, I’m still on the same stock wheels. (alexrim AT450s)

  2. Tex T says:

    Sorry to break this to you, but most high end bike racing equipment is and made people who are serious racers and built for guys and gals who are less than 160 lbs. It’s very likely that neither of these wheel sets will be reliable for you and the rear wheel will pretzel at the wrong time. Lose 50 lbs before dropping serious cash on ultralight racing equipment. In the meantime stick with 32 or 36 spoke wheels with a laced pattern.

  3. mtrlbiker says:

    If you are looking at Campagnolo wheels, either Zondas, or Eurus wheels are a better choice for someone your weight. These wheels also have the advantage that you can choose to use tubeless road tires which resist flats better than regular clincher tires which you can also use on these wheels.

  4. Bob A says:

    You wont have any problem at 225 lbs. I would ride the bike until you lose weight and then upgrade the whole bike at the same time. I started out at 225 lbs and dropped to 180 in one summer. A new bike with sti shifters would be a great goal to work for.

  5. Madrider says:

    These wheels you are looking into are for lighter riders. I would lose some weight first before investing in high end wheels. Go for a 30mm depth rim with either a 32 or 36 hole count and a 2 or 3 cross pattern, 2.0 straight gauge, or double butted spokes (if your a weight saver). With a 30mm depth rim, the only thing you would have to worry about is tension in the spokes. The rim is tough and lasts a long time, unless of course your hitting pot holes left and right.

  6. G Constant says:

    If you are really training you won’t stay at 225 long. Stick with what you have and don’t worry about it.

  7. Lake says:

    In general, if you’re a heavy rider worried about breaking rims and spokes, you want a stiffer rim. Rims that are wider and deeper generally are stiffer and spread the forces better that bend and break things. The Mavic Ksyriums are that (there are different models – I’m guessing you’re talking about the SL and not the lighter and more fragile ES). The Neutrons are lighter and theoretically less stiff. Of course, the complete answer depends on a lot of other stuff, ranging from spoke gauge to rider position to road surface.