Who can tell me about a rear attaching rack for a bike meant for attaching a basket?

I am a high school teacher who likes to get part time jobs over the summer. This summer, one of my jobs will be working as kennel help in my county's humane society. It's located in the next town over and I plan on riding my road bike. I want to take my dog Bernie to work with me. The distance is much too far (about 5-7 miles) to consider a simple bike basket--it just wouldn't be safe for him. What I would like to do is mount a rear attaching rack that attaches to both the seat and the back wheel and then attach a small dog carrier (my pup is only about 14 pounds) securely to the rack. Here are my questions:
What would be a good rack to purchase for this purpose?
What is the most secure way to attach the rack?
What is the best method for attaching the carrier? (All I can think to do is drill holes in the bottom of the carrier, zip tie it to the rack, and then cover the bottom of the carrier with a carpet remnant).
Is this project worth attempting?
Constructive help only, please

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